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  1. Steven Moxon says :

    FAO Farid. New book, SEX DIFFERENCE EXPLAINED: From DNA to Society — Purging Gene Copy Errors.

    Steve Moxon

    Flat 11, 589 Crookesmoor Road, Broomhill, Sheffield S10 1BJ [UK]

    stevemoxon3@talktalk.net (+44) 114 4384105 / 07857 372225

    November 25

    Hi Farid

    FYI, just published is mi journal-commissioned book, SEX DIFFERENCE EXPLAINED: From DNA to Society – Purging Gene Copy Errors.

    It’s a ‘bottom-up’ from biology, cutting-edge holistic understanding of men/women: the first time, I believe, anyone has attempted to put forward a complete account of human sociality, integrating all the latest lines of evidence in theory re male hierarchy, female ‘personal network’, the very different in-grouping according to sex, and pair-bonding.

    Published as a monograph by the journal, New Male Studies, it’s available on Amazon in book and Kindle formats, and is open-access at the journal’s website].

    Here’s the back cover blurb:

    In SEX DIFFERENCE EXPLAINED: From DNA to Society – Purging Gene Copy Errors, Steve Moxon argues that all major aspects of male-female human sociality necessarily stem from biological principles; which all arise in solving the core problem faced by all life-forms: the relentless build-up of mistakes in the repeated copying of genes. The ‘genetic filtering’ to deal with this is the function of the male: why males came into being, and why men so fiercely compete with one another to form a hierarchy.

    The female contribution is carefully to choose only the most dominant/prestigious males, cross-checking that indeed they do possess the best gene sets. This ensures genetic mutations and other errors that would seriously compromise reproduction are purged from the local gene pool.
    Pair-bonding serves to exclude lower-ranked, whilst allowing access by still higher-ranked males; and to provide a serial father of children, thereby in effect projecting forward in time a woman’s peak fertility, compensating for her deteriorating store of eggs, and consequent declining fertility and attractiveness.
    With men tied to a hierarchy, women evolved to ‘marry out’ to avoid in-breeding. In preparation for this, girls have a very different social organisation, rehearsing for when later they have to make close bonds with non-kin, stranger-females for mutual child-care. This explains why female grouping is so tight and exclusionary, whereas males group all-inclusively.
    Moxon sees the underlying sex dichotomy as being perfectly complementary, with the sexes of equal importance in what amounts to a symbiosis.
    Obviously, we’re keen to get reviews / plug pieces!

    Steve Moxon

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