Prestigious clothing increases your height!

Do you want to seem taller? Our study shows that your prestigious clothing affects perception of height, at least for the children.

Height is a biological factor that can affect how others perceive and behave toward an individual. Clothing, as a  non-biological factor, can affect these perceptions of height. In this study we investigated the effect of different professions’ clothing on children’s perceptions of height.

One hundred and eighty primary school students participated in this study and estimated the height of an actor in the clothing of four different professions which differed in terms of prestige. For estimation of height, we developed a new device and method.

The results of study show that the difference between the perceived and actual height was larger when participants estimated the height of socially esteemed professions. Also there was no difference between girls’ and boys’ estimation of different professions’ height. The implications of these findings are discussed.

You can download the article for free here.

ResearchBlogging.orgMahmoud Rashidi, Katayoun Keshtkaran, Sahar Zabihidan, Masoud Hosseinchari, and Farid Pazhoohi (2012). Effect of Different Professions’ Clothing on Children’s Height Perception The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 15 (3) :


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